To ensure the integrity of Seller products and facilitate Partner Site operations, the Supply Chain team is rolling out Dunnage Equipment to all Partner Sites on Deliverr Packaging.

<aside> ✅ This will be at no cost to Partner Sites as Deliverr will procure and supply all Equipment and Dunnage.



Pregis Quantum XT

Both Freestanding and Tabletop versions available for flexible deployment.

Freestanding example

Freestanding example

Tabletop example

Tabletop example


**14.75"**W x **1690'**L Fanfold Kraft Paper, 30 lbs. Basis Weight(#30)

FSC® certified 100% Recyclable, 100% Biodegradeable Paper

Each magazine can hold up to 6 bundles of Paper for 500 cu. ft. of void fill.

65 Bundles / Pallet

What we need from Partner Sites:

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Installation and training to be provided by Deliverr's packaging supplier.